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I can see Frank running down the street, He is wearing black jeans, black hoodie, dark coat, lots of scarves and high boots like mine.

As he gets closer I can see his eyes are all red, he has obviously been crying.
He must of heard the worry in my voice because he quickly says
"No, I'm fine"
The poor kid, I look at him for a moment and tilt my head.
He looks up and smiles, I can still see the sadness in his face.
I pull him close and give him and huge hug, I feel his chest shaking as he breaths in. He puts his hands around my waist inside my coat and rests his head on my chest.

I don't want to let go, but we have to get going before we end up buried in snow.
Frank's face is hidden behind his scarves, He's pulled his woolly hat down so far than only his puffy eyes are visible now. Neither of us talk much but neither of us minded.

"It's almost stopped snowing"

A few minutes later the snow picks back up, I struggle to see 10 metres in front of us.

"It has almost stopped snowing, hasn't it? Frank says I can hear the playful sarcasm in his voice, he giggles at his joke and I turn and smile at him.

The cars on the street are covered in thick layers of snow, they form little white hills, there is no traffic and the traffic lights are on red.

"Not going to wait for the little green man" asks Frank, he loves making little jokes, it makes walking more bearable so I don't mind.

I firmly tug on his coat and pull him along, he smiles and takes my hand as we cross the street, I don't want him to let go but he does the second we reach the other side. He is just being a tease.

We turn left a few hundred metres down the street and leave he pale light of the street lamps behind us and head towards the fence. Once we reach it we stop, Frank looked up at me.
"You owe me one for this"
"Yeah, sure whatever"
We've practiced climbing this fence. We almost simultaneously dig our fingers into the holes in the wire fence and we are on the other side within a minute.
Franks hat had slipped down, I turn and giggle, he fixes it and pouts like a little kid.

I sat down against the fence, we weren't in a rush. We had all night.

Frank anxiously slid down the fence and rested his head against my shoulder, the wind picked up and sent chills though Franks tiny body. I leaned closer to the small boy and wrapped my arms around him, Frank nestled his head into Gerard's scarves.

I begun to wonder whether Frank felt the same way about me, we had been friends for a very long time now.

The day my father had died, I left the hospital after the doctor delivered the news.
I ran all the way to Franks house without looking back, My mother knew thats where I would be.
I knocked on the door impatiently and before Mrs. Iero could even see who was there I had run under her arm and to Franks room upstairs.
He didn't ask what happened I just ran and jumped on his bed and cried for hours, he hugged me and talked to me. After a while I had explained the situation and we cried together.

My mother had called and Mrs. Iero assured her that it was fine for me to stay the night.

I had cried so much that I couldn't cry anymore, I sat on his bed clutching him. I remember looking down at him and he looked back at me, I must have looked like an absolute wreck, and he simply said "I love you".

I slowly traced his jaw with my fingers, lifted his chin and slowly kissed his lips, he then kissed me back more passionately. His body gave way under mine and I rolled over to the other side of the bed and before I could get my breath back him rolled onto me and slid his hands up my chest and removed my shirt, he teasingly removed his also.
He slowly planted small kisses up my chest, then said "I'm having a shower" and walked out with a smirk on his face.

I snapped back to reality, I glanced down at Frank, his eyes where wide and he was looking at me intently.

"Hi?" I whispered
"What were you thinking about?" he asked
"Uh, Oh nothing"
"Tell meeee" Frankie whined
"Just, that time" I stuttered "no, don't worry"

I felt Frank's arm wrap around me this time not only inside my coat but also inside my jumper. I could feel how ice cold his hands were through my t-shirt.

"You were saying?" he urged me
"If you really want me to" I replied "but you can't complain after"
"Tell me, tell me"
He looked so cute.
"Um, The day my dad died" it was still hard to say out loud, I felt Frank pull me closer in response
"And I came to your house.. And.." I was starting to get nervous
Frank tilted his head up and our eyes met,
"And the first time we kissed?" he asked
"Yeah, I was just wondering, if you still feel the same way?"
My heart skipped a beat, I loved the way he said my name.
"I still love you, I'm sitting in a pile of snow at midnight on christmas with my arms wrapped around you, of course I love you"
I exhaled and Frank loosed his grip on my torso, he started sliding his hands up my t-shirt, his hands were still ice cold and it was sending chills up my spine.

He leaned closer to my face and I could feel his breath on my lips, I closed my eyes and felt his lips press hard against mine, I opened my mouth slightly and let his tongue in, he soon opened his too, gasping for breath we explored each others mouths.
Frank was on top of me and I slid off the fence onto the ground, the snow was freezing but I didn't mind.

Out on the street the night was bright and white. Here under the tall pine trees it's dark and blue. The tree tops rustle and occasionally the rush of wet cars can be heard from the nearby motorway.

Our lips separated and Frank moved back to the fence. I pulled myself back over next to him and sighed waiting for him to turn at look at me, the second he did I sprung up and onto him and pinned him against the fence and we continued our little game.

After 10 minutes I stood up and helped Frank off the floor.
"You know how you said I owed you one, I think we are even now"
I held his hand and we continued to proceed to our destination.
2nd frerard
Hope you like it
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